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Insulation - Thermal facades
Enactus Construction - Technical Company - Chalkida

Energy upgrade of a building is the total of the interventions that are done in it, in order to reduce the energy needs of the building for heating and cooling. The energy interventions that our company undertakes to carry out, with its specialized workshops, are the following:

♦ Roof thermal insulation
♦ Exterior thermal insulation of a building (Thermal facade)
♦ Upgrading of cooling, heating and air conditioning system,
♦ Replacement of frames,
Χρήσης Hot water.

Integrated energy planning in the building sector in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, energy savings and environmental protection, with specific actions:

• Preparation of Energy Efficiency Study of Buildings
• Establishment of minimum energy efficiency requirements for buildings
• Energy Classification of Buildings (Energy Performance Certificate)
• Energy Inspections of buildings, boilers and heating and air conditioning installations

The Building Energy Efficiency Study replaces the thermal insulation study and will be prepared for each building (over 50 sq.m.), new or existing that is radically renovated and based on a specific methodology which states:

(a) the requirement to meet the minimum standards of the building in terms of its design, building shell and electromechanical installations; and

b) in comparison with a reference building. Reference building means a building with the same geometric characteristics, location, orientation, use and operating characteristics as the building in question, but which meets minimum specifications and has defined technical characteristics.


The social benefits relate to the creation of new jobs and the improvement of the quality of life, while the environmental benefits relate to the reduction of pollutant emissions, mainly carbon dioxide, with a significant contribution to the fight against climate change and energy savings.