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Permits - Studies
Enactus Construction - Technical Company - Chalkida

At Enactus Construction, having many years of experience in publishing architectural studies, with responsibility, speed and absolute consistency we are able to prepare any study required, whether it is a new building or it is an addition or change of use to an existing building. During the elaboration of architectural studies we take into account all the regulations that apply with our main priority the perfect management of the project budget.

1. Building Permits - Building Permits

The staff of our company, consisting of engineers, architects, surveyors and engineers with excellent knowledge of the subject, deep knowledge of urban planning and extensive experience in issuing permits, undertakes the preparation of studies for the issuance of the building permit of your building. With careful recording of the client's requirements, through the continuous cooperation, we undertake the complete package of the building permit issuance, from the stage of the architectural proposal until the final issuance of the permit, for every use and housing need. The goal is for the final result to be the most correct but also for no problems to arise during construction. The building permit package includes the following works based on the specifications required by the current legislation:

♦ Topographic Impression
♦ Architectural Study
♦ Static Study
♦ Electromechanical Design (where required)
♦ Water Supply - Sewerage Study (where required)
♦ Energy Efficiency - Thermal Insulation Study
♦ Fire Protection Study
Κα Fuel Gas Study
♦ Required Documents (reports, applications, payment forms, certificates, etc.)
♦ Landscaping - Uncovered
♦ Processing in the Competent Authority

2. Architectural Studies

Our company has many years of experience in the preparation of architectural studies. Our goal is always to highlight the peculiarities of each use and the smoothest possible integration of the building facilities in the natural and cultural environment. We consider each construction unique, which is why we try to meet the special needs and requirements of both our customers and the end users of the buildings. When preparing the architectural studies we take into account all the applicable regulations, so that our architectural proposal and design are based on:

♦ Functionality, safety and ease of use
♦ The requirements and needs in spaces and uses
♦ Urban planning restrictions and restrictions imposed by the plot itself
♦ The perfect aesthetic configuration and interior layout
♦ Bioclimatic design
♦ The configuration of the surrounding area
♦ The selection of appropriate materials
♦ The sound management of the budget
♦ Respect and sensitivity towards the end user
♦ The integration of technological and design innovations in the building



3. Static studies

Our company pays special attention to the safety of the buildings and that is why the static study is of great importance for us. Especially in a seismogenic country like Greece, every construction must provide maximum anti-seismic shielding. At Enactus Construction, having in our potential well-trained engineers, we undertake the elaboration of static studies, which meet the safety requirements of modern regulations, using the lowest possible construction costs.

♦ We prepare static studies for:
♦ Residential Buildings
♦ Reinforced Concrete Constructions
♦ Bearing Masonry Constructions
♦ Wooden Constructions
♦ Composite Constructions
♦ Metal Constructions
♦ Reinforcement of existing buildings

4. Electromechanical studies

We have the ability to provide our customers with complete solutions for every need related to the construction and design of buildings. Knowing perfectly the relevant legislation and the regulatory framework that governs the studies of the category and with the constant information on the developments in the field of EM applications, we are able to offer with full consistency and with respect to the budget of each project a wide range of services, including whose:

♦ Studies of thermal insulation and energy efficiency of buildings
♦ Studies of central heating and central air conditioning - ventilation installations
♦ Gas installation studies
♦ Studies for electrical installations of strong or weak currents
♦ Fire safety studies
♦ Studies of water supply - sewerage systems
♦ Studies of elevators - lifting systems (escalators, cranes, etc.)
♦ Energy efficiency studies of buildings and energy saving studies
♦ Energy certification of buildings
♦ Lightning protection studies
♦ Special thermohydraulic studies
♦ Thermoelectric studies