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Enactus Construction

Technical - Construction Company - Chalkida - Evia

Enactus Construction consists of a team of experienced civil engineers - architects and decorators who have excellent knowledge of the subject, are constantly updated on new trends and are ready to offer complete solutions, combining functionality with modern aesthetics & always guided by your own Needs.

The construction of projects that are distinguished both for the quality and for the reliability of their construction constitute the core of our services. Utilizing the advantage of the accumulated experience gained through the implementation of projects of various interests, we are constantly expanding our activities by introducing new ideas in constructions and materials in our services, in every construction, renovation, renovation, energy upgrade we undertake.

The choice of our partners, our reliability and our commitment to the quality result, for the benefit of our customers, are the main factors that distinguish us from the competition in the real estate industry.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of our company is the construction of modern homes and professional stores, high functionality, with strict observance of all seismic standards, at the most competitive prices and within a certain delivery time.

The direct relationship with the customer in combination with the technical support during the project, but also after its completion, is one of the biggest advantages of Enactus Construction. Our company's many years of experience in the construction - renovation of houses of high technical standards, in combination with the ergonomic and modernist architectural study is the point of superiority of our company, over our competitors, providing our customers with high quality constructions and services, in all flat.

Finally, the increased competitiveness in the privileged areas where the company operates, is an additional incentive for the quality execution of projects with consistency, original architectural design, competitive prices and of course with absolute respect for environmental protection, a parameter that is part of the business policy, but also the medium-term development of Enactus Construction.